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    Canada Fresh Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Treats Dog 170 g
    In stock
    11.99 Excl. tax
    Weruva Cat/Dog Pumpkin Patch Up 2.8 oz

    Weruva Cat/Dog Pumpkin Patch Up 2.8 oz

    Weruva's pumpkin supplement is a great source of...
    In stock
    2.19 Excl. tax
    Zeal Canada GF AD Beef w Salmon & Pumpkin Dog  454 g
    Out of stock
    34.99 Excl. tax
    Weruva Pumpkin Patch 1.05oz

    Weruva Pumpkin Patch 1.05oz

    A healthy tummy is a happy tummy! Weruva's pumpk...
    In stock
    1.59 Excl. tax
    Farmina Dog Pumpkin Boar & Apple MINI 7kg
    In stock
    89.99 Excl. tax
    Bold by Nature+ Supplements Pumpkin Powder with Inulin 250g
    In stock
    28.99 Excl. tax
    Scrumptious Chicken & Pumpkin Cat 2.8 oz
    In stock
    1.79 Excl. tax
    Scrumptious Pumpkin Pate Cat & Dog 2.8 oz
    In stock
    0.99 Excl. tax
    Almo Cat Complete Mackerel with Pumpkin in Gravy 70 g
    In stock
    1.89 Excl. tax
    Oven-Baked Tradition Dog Treat Chicken Pumpkin Dog 8 oz
    In stock
    5.49 Excl. tax
    Boss Dog Frozen Pumpkin & Cinnamon Dog 104 ml 4pk
    In stock
    14.49 Excl. tax