Intro to Crate Training

1-Purchase a size appropriate kennel that fits the puppy at the time.

or cordon off an area so the puppy can only use part of the kennel.

2-Wire crates can be resized for growing puppies.

3-Play kennel games with treats, food and toys using “positive reinforcement.”

Place Kong toy feeder filled with treats or food and place directly into the kennel.

4-This is a quality spot for your puppy -children shouldn't be allowed in the kennel.

5-Leave the door open so that your puppy can come and go.

6-Make it a good place to go and have fun!

NADD Diving Dogs 2018

North American Diving Dogs. Have to say after last weekend at flyball I didn’t think things could get better with Quiz and Swindle. Quiz got a PB of 3.85 and Swindle while a handful, always manages to hover 3.7 - 3.8 and runs rock solid. Fast forward to this past weekend in Oregon at the NADD event. Quiz got his PB with 18.2’ and achieved his Dock Senior Title and then Swindle, this dogs amazes me hitting 30.6’ was unbelievable, but she managed to stay consistently at 29+’ and she achieved her Elite Title. She also got to try Air Retrieve for the first time ever and managed to retrieve off 20’. Scandal also got to try the pool for the first time but man she’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.