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Luca Leash

Luca Leash by EzyDog

The Luca Leash offers the ability for the handler to give a controlled quick and gentle correction that eases when the pressure is released. It is a fantastic leash for teaching your dog to walk comfortably beside you and great for teaching new tricks. Please be aware, no slip collar or leash should be left on a dog that is tied up or unsupervised.

  • 5 STARS Great leash and tool

    Posted by Laurel A Pitman on 13th May 2017

    I love it! It is heavy-duty and well made. I like the grip on the leash and the width of the rope. It has beautiful colors, I got the orange. I appreciate, pretty sure my dog does too, that it locks out so the neck does not continue to tighten as he pulls. It is easy to use, just set it and it is ready to go any time. I figure I will always have one of these on hand.

  • 5 STARS Quality as always

    Posted by Unknown on 9th May 2017

    I have used rope slip leashes since I started training many years ago. Trained hundreds of dogs on them. This is definitely the best I have used. After a few days to wear in and soften a little , it is great. I use both but I especially like the narrow diameter one because it takes up little space in my pocket and I carry one always in case of emergencies. Not only does this leash provide the safety collar restrictions, so it cannot close too much or open too large these restriction features can be used to create a head harness type collar to help control more the dogs that pull on a walk. And what can I say it is EZYDOG High Quality made throughout. It is definitely on my recommended list.