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Enter Today!! Win a "Phoenix Feline Furniture" Cat Post. With a purchase of any "Petcurean (Go or Now) Cat Food" of $10 or more.

1 Winner per Store. A Value of over $300.  Sponsored by Petcurean. Starts July 1st until Aug 31st, 2018 Winners announced early Aug.

PHOENIX FELINE FURNITURE: Made as functional driftwood art from the beaches of Campbell River. Each stand is different. Made with high-quality standards, a wonderful addition to your home.

See more info about Phoenix Feline Furniture & Petcurean Pet Foods.



GO!  Got a pet that’s a picky eater? Has dandruff or a dull coat? Food allergies or sensitivities? Feeding your dog or cat the right premium-quality food can be the solution to many issues. GO!™ recipes were created especially for pets who are fussy about their food, who need a grain free or higher protein diet, and for those requiring a recipe with unique proteins, or a limited number of ingredients. And because we all want our pets to stay healthy and happy, we also have a recipe which provides whole body preventative care, for life!

NOW  It’s no surprise that cats love the freshness of NOW FRESH™ cat food. It’s so fresh, it’s like eating off the kitchen counter (down, girl). We pack NOW FRESH™ grain free cat food full of nutritious ingredients like 100% market-fresh meat or fish. 100% fresh Omega 3 and 6 oils from coconuts and canola. Wholesome berries, fruits and veggies such as peas, spinach, cranberries, pumpkin, blackberries, alfalfa sprouts, kelp, lentils and carrots. Yum!


Vehicle Heat


Cars can become death traps in 10 minutes
“People don’t realize just how quickly their cars can become death traps for their pets – it can take as little as 10 minutes for the vehicle to reach temperatures where the animal can suffer irreparable brain damage or death,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA.

“We know that if people are taking their pets with them, it’s because they love them and want to spend time with them, but we really do encourage pet guardians to please, leave their pets at home when they’re going out in the car.”

What to do if you see a dog in distress in a parked vehicle:

Note the license plate and vehicle information and ask managers of nearby businesses to page the owner to return to their vehicle immediately;

Is the animal in distress? Call your local animal control agency, police, or the BC SPCA hotline at 1-855-622-7722 as soon as possible. Note: It is illegal for members of the public to break a window to access the vehicle themselves; only RCMP and Special Provincial Constables of the BC SPCA can lawfully enter a vehicle. SPCA branch staff and volunteers cannot enter vehicles.

Keep emergency supplies – bottled water, a small bowl, a towel that can be soaked in water- in your car so that you help hydrate an animal (if a window has been left open) while you wait for emergency response; a battery-powered fan from a dollar store also can be handy to circulate air.


Puppy Socialization

"Puppy Socialization Class" - for puppies 8-20 weeks old" 
Hosted by Laura Young -"True Friends Dog Training"

Tues, July 7th (1pm-2pm)    &   Sat, July 7th (6pm-7pm) 
Cost: $10 drop-in | First set of vaccinations required.

Drop-in Puppy Socialization Class for puppies aged 8 - 20 weeks old. $10.00 fee.

Puppies must have received their first set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to attending class. Please bring proof of vaccination(s). We will also require you to sign a liability waiver in order for your puppy to participate.

The first 16 weeks is the most important period of development in a dog’s life. During this short gap of time it is critical to begin exposing your puppy to as many new and positive experiences as possible.

During this class your puppy will get the chance to meet new people, play with other puppies, practice bite inhibition and self control as well as learn valuable social skills. Our focus is to socialize your puppy and build his/her confidence in a clean, safe and controlled environment. A certified professional dog trainer will be supervising the puppies interactions at all times.

For more info about Laura and her training, visit: 

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Cupcake Sale Fundraiser

Sat, July 7th    10am-2pm (Vernon Paw Street market)

Spirit's Mission Animal Rescue in having a cupcake sale & rescue jewelry (Pawsitive Links bracelets) fundraiser on Sat, July 7th (10am-2pm) at our Vernon location. We would love your support! For more info, please visit their website and Facebook page:

Spirit’s Mission Rescue continues to provide basic necessities for companion animals in isolated communities. This includes providing food for an emergency animal food bank, vaccinations, spay and neuter, transporting and rehoming animals who cannot be cared for at home, humane education and veterinarian referral and care.


Charlie's Food Bank

Donations to Charlie’s Food Bank. 

Charlie’s pet food bank provides free and low-cost pet services for people who are homeless, living outdoors, low-income and senior pet guardians in downtown Vancouver.

Please see the links below.

Supporters of Charlie's Food Bank-Facebook Page

How to donate or support Charlies Food Bank.

BCSPCA-Charlie's Food Bank


Canine CoStars

Is your dog a star?
Renowned film animal trainer, Bonnie Judd of Canine CoStars will be at our Abbotsford location on Sunday, May 6th from 1pm-4pm looking for Small Dogs "Under 15lbs" with outgoing personalities. 
Prizes will be awarded for:
Most talented
Most outgoing
Most photogenic
Rescue with the most personality
...and more
Don't miss out! Don't forget, this first event is for dogs UNDER 15 Ibs
Contact our Abbotsford store at mccallum@pawstreetmarket for additional information or 604-744-1211

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Mother Day Spay Day

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VDACS (Vernon & District Animal Care Society) and Pet Soup Kitchen are working together to offer low-cost spay/neuters for the pets of local low-income families. The first 25 people to attend our table and fill out paperwork with us will qualify for a $25 spay or neuter for their dog, cat, or even bunnies! After the first 25 are done, we will continue to accept applications at our usual very affordable and subsidized prices.




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4H Young Riders Fundraiser

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The Vernon Young Rider's group consists of kids aged 7-20, who are doing projects on horse, dog and photography.  Each of the kids are learning responsibility, and to be confident in their community. We hope that by doing a fundraiser, it will help with the costs of lessons for these projects as well as club fee's and expenses.

The 4-H program provides young people with an opportunity to learn how to become productive, self-assured adults who can make their community and country a good place in which to live. This is fostered through project and program work, experiences with their 4-H club members and leaders and their participation in district, regional and even provincial programs.

The goal of the 4-H program is youth development. The objectives of 4-H clubs are knowledge, leadership, citizenship and personal development.

4-H is an organization dedicated to young people. The purpose of the 4-H program is to prepare girls and boys for their future as adult citizens. 4-H stands for head, heart, hands and health. The 4-H pledge describes the significance of the four H's:

I pledge:

My HEAD to clearer thinking,

My HEART to greater loyalty,

My HANDS to larger service,

My HEALTH to better living,

For my Club, my Community and My Country.

Pet Health-Cancer

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The Truth About Pet Cancer  www.thetruthsaboutpetcancer.com

Leading Animal Health and Cancer Specialists Release FREE 7-part Docu-Series on the Pet Epidemic No One Talks About… Register here to watch the whole series free, starting April 4th, 2018: http://bit.ly/ttapc-trailer-register-yt.

Every year 6 million dogs and 6 million cats are diagnosed with this devastating illness. Statistics like this simply break our heart. And we know it breaks yours too :-( But now, there’s hope… You can make simple changes in your pet’s life – so you can enjoy a longer time together starting TODAY. It’s all revealed in the brand-new documentary series... The Truth About PET Cancer. In this 7-episode FREE online event, 33 of the world’s top pet cancer experts... immunologists... and clinical researchers reveal the natural treatments and therapies that are SAVING dogs and cats from cancer at record rates. It all starts on Wednesday April 4, 2018 at 9PM EASTERN. If you haven’t registered yet – there’s still time to secure your spot if you hurry.


Aide For Paws Rescue Society

Aide for Paws Bath-a-Thon_Poster.jpg

Is your pooch long overdue for a bath? Want to help out rescue animals in need?

Aide For Paws & Rescue Society is hosting a doggy Bath-a-Thon on Sunday, March 18th at the Murrayville location of Paw Street Market from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Aide For Paws is a small foster based animal rescue group that works primarily with special needs & senior animals. All money raised from the Bath-a-Thon supports our "Sick Animal Fund" to help with the cost of veterinary care and medical expenses for our special 'Magical Unicorns". The current recipients of the "Sick Animal Fund" are brothers Duke & Bailey who are a pair of senior special needs Great Dane brothers that came into our care after their owner passed away.

So come on down and bring your pet.  Let us take care of your dog's bathing needs! Big or small we bathe them all!

Diving Dogs

Have to say after last weekend at flyball I didn’t think things could get better with Quiz and Swindle. Quiz got a PB of 3.85 and Swindle while a handful, always manages to hover 3.7 - 3.8 and runs rock solid. 
Fast forward to this past weekend in Oregon at the NADD event. Quiz got his PB with 18.2’ and achieved his Dock Senior Title and then Swindle, this dogs amazes me hitting 30.6’ was unbelievable, but she managed to stay consistently at 29+’ and she achieved her Elite Title. She also got to try Air Retrieve for the first time ever and managed to retrieve off 20’. Scandal also got to try the pool for the first time but man she’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.

Abbotsford Opens

Our Abbotsford location opens Saturday February 17th 2018 after a 2 week delay. Our Dog Wash Station will be open after Feb 20th. We apologize and thank you for your support and patience. Our customers are awesome!

Located at "McCallum Junction" in Abbotsford. Just north at McCallum Road & Hwy 1.
Hope to see many familiar faces and quite a few new ones. 
For directions see our contact page.

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