Halloween Contest Pics

The winners are....Thanks all of you for participating. 

Here are all the pics submitted from our second annual Halloween Pet Photo Contest.  There will be 2 winners each from our Murrayville-Langley & Vernon locations. They will be announced on Nov 2nd.

We will contact you via Facebook for pick-up at winning store.

Winners will receive:

  • 1st Place: Large bag of  FirstMate Dog or Cat Food.
  • 2nd Place: Small bag of FirstMate Dog or Cat Food.

Use the search bar to tag "Vernon" or "Langley" to see the pets from each location.

Vernon Treat Trail

Our first Halloween Treat Trail is coming up. Treats for the kids and pets welcome on leashes. Our activities start at store opening at 9am till 9pm. Vernon location only
Prizes include: Biggest Pet | Smallest Pet | Best Trick

Pics for our Facebook and Instagram pages. 
Oct 31st. 3-5pm. Tell your friends and family!
See below for the trail map and participating locations.

Halloween Vernon Post.jpg

Halloween Photo Contest

Pet photo Contest 2.jpg

Our Annual Facebook Halloween Photo Contest is here!

Send in your "Pet Pics in Costumes" via Facebook by Oct 31 for 2 chances to win a free large or small bag of Firstmate dog or cat food at each of our locations - Vernon & Murrayville.

State your pets name and where you live. Prizes need to be picked up from the store directly. Bring in your pet in for a prize pic.

Winners announced the first week in November.  Pics posted on our news feed Nov 1 along with the winners on Nov 2. Good Luck...and Like Us on Facebook. Thanks.

North Van Store Hiring

Paw Street Market will be opening our brand new North Vancouver location in Westview Shopping Centre very soon. 
We are looking for Pet-Experience sales people to join our growing team. This could lead to full-time opportunities. 
Please send your resume to: employment@pawstreetmarket.com

Or Contact us at: 604-532-0244

Westview Dr
North Vancouver, BC V7N

PSM N VAN Facebook Profile.jpg

Crate Escapes Wash

The group from Crate Escape Dog Adventures came in on Friday and had fun using our Dog Wash Station in Vernon. Thanks, everyone!
Visit them at:
Offering dog hikes, training, and in-home boarding in the Okanagan.

Wildfires and your pet

With our air quality continuing to deteriorate due to the wildfires here in BC, the question that many of us have is “will all this smoke affect my pets?”

If your pet is healthy then there really isn’t much to worry about. Like people, pets have built-in mechanisms to help us filter-out particulate matter from the air. However, you may notice that your pet is lethargic, has watery eyes, and may occasionally cough or sneeze more often. As is recommended for people, avoid strenuous exercise at this time.

If your pet suffers from respiratory, cardiovascular or eye conditions (e.g. dry eye), they are more at-risk of adverse reactions from poor air quality. Look for symptoms such as coughing, increased respiratory rate, difficulty breathing, eye redness, irritation or discharge. Definitely avoid strenuous activity / exercise and also situations that may cause your pet’s respiratory rate to increase (e.g. things that make them anxious).

Finally, if your pet is taking medication for a respiratory illness or an eye condition, ask your Veterinarian if their dosage needs to be adjusted until the air quality improves.

Tips To Help Keep Your Pets Safe During Poor Air Quality Conditions:

  • Avoid exercising your pet outside when air quality is poor;
  • Make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water;
  • Keep all doors and windows closed, allow access to cooler areas of your home and keep fan/AC on;
  • Avoid using fans / AC units that draw air in from the outside (most air systems have a ‘re-circulate’ option);
  • consider buying an air filter (not just for your pets, but for you too!);
  • If you have an outdoor cat, keep them indoors temporarily until air quality improves; and,
  • If you smoke, do not do it near your pet. Under normal circumstances second-hand smoke is bad for animals, it may exacerbate symptoms during this time.

Stay safe! ~Dr. Renee Ferguson

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital.
West Kootenay Animal Hospital: Forest Fires and Your Pet
Vets To Go: "Very High Risk" Air Quality Affects Pets, Too

Pet-Owner Sample Pics

Thank You for all that turned out for the Pet-Owner Shoot. The images will be e-mailed to you by June 22nd for you to proof. Pick up and pay for chosen ones in our Vernon store. Then the full image files will be sent to you.  Here are a few images that were taken of the pets only. 

Thank you.