Puppy Socialization

"Puppy Socialization Class" - for puppies 8-20 weeks old" 
Hosted by Laura Young -"True Friends Dog Training"

Tues, July 7th (1pm-2pm)    &   Sat, July 7th (6pm-7pm) 
Cost: $10 drop-in | First set of vaccinations required.

Drop-in Puppy Socialization Class for puppies aged 8 - 20 weeks old. $10.00 fee.

Puppies must have received their first set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to attending class. Please bring proof of vaccination(s). We will also require you to sign a liability waiver in order for your puppy to participate.

The first 16 weeks is the most important period of development in a dog’s life. During this short gap of time it is critical to begin exposing your puppy to as many new and positive experiences as possible.

During this class your puppy will get the chance to meet new people, play with other puppies, practice bite inhibition and self control as well as learn valuable social skills. Our focus is to socialize your puppy and build his/her confidence in a clean, safe and controlled environment. A certified professional dog trainer will be supervising the puppies interactions at all times.

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