Pets Nail Trimming

“When the nails become too long, the nail will twist or toe will turn which can lead to early arthritis, but may always have a sore and painful paw.”

Your pet through the process

  • Ensure to praise you pet consistently though-out the process.

  • Make it a positive experience. Have them smell the clippers or grinder to get familiar.

  • Cut or grind small areas at a time to err on the side of caution.

  • Offer treats as a reward once the nail trim is complete.

  • Don’t pull at their feet, lightly touch their paws to desensitize them.

  • Consider a basket muzzle for their safety if necessary.

Patience is key. Slow down and earn their trust.

How often should i cut?

  • If you hear nail clicking or see it touching the floor on a flat surface, they do need to be cut.

  • Approx every 2-4 weeks depending on age and breed.

  • Consistent trimming will help to recede the quick.


Clipper or Grinder?

It’s all a matter of comfort and preference. All methods can work well. Make sure they are sharp and of higher quality or you run the risk of splintering the nail.

  • A grinder or Dremel can be quick and effective especially for slowly grinding black nails. Ensure not spend too much time on one as grinding can heat up which may cause discomfort. However very effective at rounding the nail.

  • There are guillotine or shear style clippers. Rubberized grips allow better handling. Purchase one that is a correct size for your pet.

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When do I stop cutting?

It will take a little confidence and experience knowing when to stop prior to the quick. On lighter nails, its easier to see the quick but on dark or black nails, look for the small oval pulp area in the center as you slowly trim down. Consistent trimming will allow the blood flow to recede and the quick to shorten.

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What happens if I cut into the quick?

There is a possibility that you may cut into the quick. If so, have a bottle of styptic powder handy prior to starting. Apply just a pinch to the bleeding area and moderate pressure. It will stop fairly quickly.