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Welcome to our Dog Wash Fundraiser, where you are guaranteed to get wet and have fun!

Thank you for considering us for your “Dog Wash fundraiser.”

  • Our wash stations have non-slip tiles throughout. They are designed for the dogs to walk up, through the tubs and then walk down, all in the same direction. This eliminates any turning around for the dog and will save your back as there is no lifting required.

  • There are security leashes at each of the 4 stations (2 tubs to wash and 2 areas with air dryers) as well as a gate at the entrance to the dog wash station to ensure the safety and containment of the dogs.

  • So much fun and we will help with advertising. 
    100% of funds collected go toward your charity, group or organization. 

  • Allow at least 5 weeks from event submission for advertising.

We invite you to contact us before your event to answer any questions you might have.

In order to have a successful and fun event we have the following guidelines in place:

CLICK HERE to view our

DOG WASH FUNDRAISING guidelines and terms. 

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