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Paw Street Market will take you back to the days when service, knowledge and community spirit were the keys to all successful retail business. Our passion is your pet’s well- being and we will endeavor to meet all your family’s needs with our diverse assortment of high quality foods and accessories. Paw Street Market... where pets love to shop.

100% Canadian Owned and Operated

Our Loyalty Program

The staff at Paw Street Market would be happy to honour any existing program you may have elsewhere. Please ask us for details and we look forward to having you as part of the Paw Street  family! 

Great choices, great friendly staff and a rewards program, nice.
— Jacklyne J

Seniors Thursdays

On the last Thursday of every month, we offer "15% Off" your purchase Seniors Day.  


Excellent service every time! Staff is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and passionate. They have a very large wash station and a wide variety of products for many types of pets. I highly recommend that any pet owner check out Paw Street Market - Abbotsford and see for yourself how lovely it is here.
— Ashleigh H
Best customer service and so helpful! Started going to their puppy social with my Aussie Karma and we love the staff and store. Great selection of products, doggie wash station and a bowl of fresh water always waiting at the door. Super happy to recommend them to anyone looking for good prices but even better personalized service.
— Seraina G
Amazing staff, services, and fair prices. If you live in Abbotsford or are just passing by the McCallum exit and need pet supplies, this is your spot!
— Chris
I went in for the first time the other day and had a great experience! My cat was being a fussy eater, so I wanted to find something to tempt her. While I was examining the wide selection, worrying about spending money on food that might go to waste, one of the employees saved the day and hooked me up with some free samples. I will definitely be recommending this place to my pet-owning friends.
— Esther B
Yesterday we went to Paw Street Market to check things out as my hubby saw an ad in the newspaper about it. Wow, what a great store! The staff were so friendly, took the time to show you around, share their knowledge about the raw/dry/wet foods so you can make an informed decision on what to switch to if you so wanted. Their bathing station is incredibly poshy poshy, Jasper L Doodle will love coming here. Their prices are extremely competitive, and in many cases lower than other pet stores we’ve been to. Honestly I just can’t say enough about this business...It’s the STAFF! Wonderful, wonderful place to go...Check them out online and just go in to have a little browse around...Be forewarned; it’s easy to drop a dime in this store...so much fun.
— Robin Sap
Very friendly and pet-friendly too. Great variety of pet foods, toys, accessories, etc. Highly recommend them.
— Ron C
After visiting their location on Westview in North Vancouver earlier today, I couldn’t wait to get home to share my wonderful experience and give this company the recognition they deserve!
— Emilee E
Fantastic staff, great knowledge, great service.
— Barbi H
Very personalized and welcoming service. I know my pets are their best interest. Paw Street Market is my No 1 go to Pet Store. - locally owned shop too! Shop local!
— Lynda L
Always a pleasure at PSM...the staff are so friendly & accommodating to my senior dogs needs. The prices are great, but I’m all about the hospitality for my pup! Only place we go!
— Stacey M
Love this store friendly people friendly place.
Helpful staff.
— Angela L
Such wonderful caring people, fantastic store with a down home heart. Thank you.
— Gena S
I like that Paw Street Market employees are actually very knowledgeable about all their products and are a big help to regular customers whom need a bit of help with their pets.
— Cindy P
What a great little pet store! I’m personally not into the big chains popping up everywhere. I love the stores with love and thought behind their purchases. Glad I ran into this place. Definitely my new favorite. Bought a backpack too small for my boy but was told I can order his proper size at any time and exchange.
— Stephanie R